Thursday, November 25, 2010

In Treatment 3.4.4: Paul and Adele

Just watched In Treatment 4.4.4 with Paul and Adele, which turned out (I'm happy to say) to be about Paul and Adele in more ways than patient and therapist.   Or actually, in one so-important way, or at least the beginning of it.

Paul had been telling Adele that he had been distracted when having sex with Wendy, that the passion was gone.   Paul backed away when Adele asked him to say more, when she asked him what had distracted him, what he had been really thinking about.  I just knew the answer from Paul would - "you".

And, sure enough, when Adele later coaxes Paul again to stop backing away from his deeper feelings, to stop being on the outside looking in (I could hear Antony and the Imperials singing, though it wasn't on the show), Paul tells her that he had been thinking of Adele when was having sex with Wendy (making love would be too much, and sleeping with would be a lame euphemism for this situation).

How did Adele take it?  I think she liked it - a lot.   Paul soon says I know, this is transference, and having been on the receiving end of it (best seen in the first season with sensuous Laura),  it's only right that it's happening now with him on the giving end.    But I don't care all that much if it's transference or not.   Unlike Gina, who as an almost-mother figure was not likely to be an erotic desire of Paul, Adele could in many ways be just right for him.

So this situation bears watching - which I'll be doing in a few minutes, as I catch up with week 5 of this great third season.  By the way, all the sessions warrant watching.  I wrote about the first Sunil and Francis sessions, but not yet about Jesse's - which may just be the best this season.

More soon, in the meantime, here a little taste of Smokey Robinson doing the Anthony and the Imperials classic  ... I'm On the Outside (Looking In)

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