Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Treatment 3.5.4: Why Didn't Paul Kiss Adele?

So, although were outstandingly great sessions in In Treatment, Week 5 - with just brilliant acting all around, Irrfan Khan as Sunil, Debra Winger as Frances, and Dane DeHaan's tour-de-force performance as Jesse (not to mention Gabriel Byrne's peerless portrayal of Paul) - I'm still most captivated by the developing story of Paul and Adele (sensitively played by Amy Ryan).   That's because I'm a sucker for romance and meta-story (that is, Paul on the other side of the conversation) both.

The sparks that started to fly with Paul and Adele last week continue.   Paul starts talking about his feelings for Adele, then backs off.  But, most significantly, at least twice in their conversation, Adele indicates a little annoyance - nonverbally, in her facial expressions, and a little in the tone of her voice - that Paul is stopping short of telling her what he was fantasizing about doing with her.  

Now, was this annoyance coming from Adele as therapist, a bit frustrated that Paul is still shying away from going all the way in telling her his deepest feelings?  Or, was this annoyance coming from Adele as a woman attracted to Paul, a bit frustrated that Paul is still shying away from, well, telling her about his desire to go all the way with her ... (that's probably the first time in decades I've used that lame euphemism, I couldn't resist).   You tell me.

It all comes to a head - the tension and attraction between Paul and Adele - when Paul stands up to leave at the end of the session.  His face is close to Adele's, and I was thinking he'd kiss her.   But he did not - still unwilling to commit to even a kiss.

So here's my hope for the show:   Paul and Adele get together, maybe even marry.   Paul no longer needs therapy, because he's finally with someone who makes him happy (and who was not his patient).   Would this happen in real life?  Probably not, because Adele as a professional therapist would likely not let it happen, regardless of how she felt about Paul.

But, hey, this is television.

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