Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Event 1.8: The "Republican" VP and the Anti-24

A direct down-to-Earth Event 1.8 tonight - no aliens or EBEs or possible time travelers or whatever they are - just humans against humans, sharp shades of 24, though, come to think of it, we can't be sure what the head bad-guy (Dempsey) played by Hal Holbrook really is.

But we can be sure what the Vice President is.  He's a human traitor, who set up the assassination attempt on the President.   The VP is Dempsey's pawn.  Dempsey appeals to him to reach across the aisle, and join Martinez, in the first bipartisan ticket in history.  Which won.

Ok, the word "Republican" was never used, and I don't recall anyone saying that President Martinez is a Democrat.   But given that Martinez started the season wanting to release the EBEs, given that Blair Underwood is playing the President as tough but not always jumping to take the military option - well, the conclusion that we're looking at Obama and a Republican who did not get the nomination of his party in the last election, but instead went on to run and win on bi-partisan ticket, seems pretty well taken.   Does make The Event an anti-24, since 24 was regarded by some (not me) as being a pro-Republican show?  

To be clear,  VP Jarvis not so much an evil man as a weak man, whose family would be in jeopardy if he didn't do Dempsey's bidding.  But as Martinez rightly tells Jarvis in their confrontation - so to protect your family you would kill me, my family, not to mention the 200 people on the plane?  Apparently so.   And Dempsey got the same results from Leila's father.

So the question remains: who is this Dempsey?  At very least, a big "Republican" contributor, a political wheeler and dealer, and also someone who commands a pretty big private and deadly security force.   We've come upon such villains in 24, but not with possible alien/time traveler connections, which is why I think The Event is weaving a story worth watching.

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