Monday, November 29, 2010

The Event 1.10: Satellite

Well, another bit of evidence - all but irrefutable - that those folks who don't age on The Event are aliens from space.   In episode 1.10 just on the East Coast tonight,  Thomas launches a satellite.

The President and his advisors, in true 24-fashion, thought until after the launch itself that the payload was a nuclear weapon, aimed at the United States.  The fact that it was a satellite, with transmission turned out towards the universe (not back to Earth, like our telecom satellites), showed not only that it was not intended to destroy us (at least, not immediately) but it likely was also not intended to communicate just across time.

Of course, for all we know, it is some sort of tachyon communication device across time, too.   But, at very least, even if there is a time travel (or communicating across time) element, it is coupled with a transmission out into space too.   In other words, whatever else these ageless people may be, they seem to have an undeniable outer space connection.

By the way, while we're on the subject of communicating across time, we of course do that all the time.   You're reading this blog whenever - but I'm writing it now at about 10:21pm Eastern time - in other words, these words have traveled x number of minutes, hours, days, maybe years (depending upon when you're reading this) across time, in the good old natural way that started when the first humans carved or painted something upon a wall or tree.   We also do this every time look at a photograph.

That kind of time-honored travel across time of information is not what science fiction is talking about when its characters and authors and fans speak about communicating across time.   In the case of The Event, if what's going on is communication across time, what would be happening is sending information back in time or directly to the future - as in Greg Benford's Timescape - both of which are something extraordinarily difficult or even impossible, as far as know, or at least would engender mind-lacerating paradox.

Ah, I could write about this stuff all night!

Anyway, the other big news in tonight's Event is that Leila's father is alien!  Or, at least, he doesn't age.   Someone suggested this in a comment to my review of last week's Event.  Hey - maybe he/she was able to glimpse the future ...

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