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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fringe 3.7: Two Universes Still Nearing Collision

Some typically good alternate universe touches in tonight's Fringe 3.7 - my favorites were Broyles'  son in the alternate reality enjoying The Shadow (last heard by a mass audience at home in our America in the 1940s), and the "Peter Bishop Act" making kidnapping a Fringe Division crime over there.  And the central story moved, well, not quite far enough along.

We had a great final scene at the end of episode 3.6, with the Statue of Liberty turning from our oxidized green to the alt reality's burnished copper, and the Twin Towers gleaming in their background.  (The plane got the White House not the World Trade Center towers in their September 11.  Thanks to Bryan for pointing this out in the comments to this blog post.)  We also heard Walternate indicate that he was close to killing our Olivia, who has already come to realize who she is.

So tonight's episode might have been about Olivia trying escape Walternate's clutches - which it was, but through the long detour of kidnappings, including Broyles' son.  Olivia's help in nabbing the bad guys gets Broyles not to turn her in, when she reveals to him what he already knows - that she's from the other side (the revelation is accidental - she tells one of the kidnap victims that she's FBI, which ceased to exist a decade ago over there).   But I was looking forward to something more dramatic from alt-Broyles - maybe a direct confrontation with Walternate over not killing Olivia.  Well, maybe we'll see that the next episode.

Meanwhile, Fringe continues to do a good job dusting off golden age and earlier science fiction tropes and bringing them in the 21st century.  Last week, we had an advanced human tech-savvy society in pre-historic times (I happily explored a bit of this in my 1999 novel, The Silk Code), and tonight we saw old men staying younger by draining the energy from kids.

But the central continuing story of the two realities in collision is still the big draw, and I'm looking forward to seeing more.  One question which had been looming bigger and bigger - why doesn't Peter in our reality realize he's sleeping with alt-Olivia? - became moot:  Olivia's failed attempt to escape at least got word to Peter that she was trapped.

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Bryan said...

sept 11th did happen over there...except the target was the White House....notice the first time we see the WTC and Dr Bells office has a paper that says Obamas move into NEW White House....

Paul Levinson said...

Excellent point, Bryan - thanks - I'm correcting in the blog post, with credit to you.