Friday, November 5, 2010

Fringe 3.5: Back from Hiatus, Back from the Amber

Back from hiatus was Fringe, back from the amber was its story last night, and it was a good story indeed, except for one thing which I'll get to later.

We learn a lot more about the other side - why Walternate initiated the amber sealings of the portals, and the toll they have taken (innocents get frozen in them).  Waltnernate is about the most human we've seen him so far, if not yet likable.  He has real concern about the loss - or freezing - or life in the amber, but for him almost no sacrifice is too great to keep his world from being undone by the tears in the space/time fabric unleashed by our Walter.  (It's nice that tears meaning rips and tears meaning crying are spelled the same, isn't it?)

We also learn that the amber doesn't kill, but suspend life - and people can be broken out of the amber.  The specific story last night of twins caught up in the amber and its toll - one literally caught up in the amber, the other caught up in the consequence of that - was another good serving of fine science fiction/mystery on television.

Meanwhile, Olivia on the other is getting in touch with who she really is - which would be our Olivia.  The mental construct of Peter comes to her - that is, not really Peter, but Peter in her mind - to tell her and prod her about who she really is.   This makes sense, Olivia would use Peter to be the messenger of her truth in all of this, but the ghost in the room was already exploited on Battlestar Galactica - with Baltar and Caprica Six - and worked so effectively in that series that it seems uncreative to use that same trope in Fringe.

That was the part that annoyed me.  But 3.5 was otherwise a top-notch episode, with good new details about life on the other side, including a Nixon Parkway and a smallpox outbreak.   Neither are pleasant to think about, but both make for enjoyable stuff to learn about in alternate worlds.

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