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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bones 6.7: Newman and "Death by Chocolate"

Newman from Seinfeld - Wayne Knight - put in a good appearance on Bones 6.7 tonight.   The character could have well been the irascible mailman, except he was a chocolate honcho, in an episode that could well have titled "Death by Chocolate," as "Newman" commented about the hot babe found murdered in a huge chocolate bar.

By "chocolate honcho" I of course mean head of a chocolate factory, and not a honcho made of chocolate.   This is also distinct from the "chocolatier" (for some reason, I really like this term), who is the master chocolate maker, and in this episode - well, I don't want to melt your surprise, i.e., give anything away.

But chocolate is very much the medium through which this murder is received, turning the flesh to mush, and leaving mostly just the bones, which of course is where Bones comes in.   She has a good line tonight - "chocolate and violence often intersect" - and proceeds to impart an anthropological gem.  But with Mr. Nigel-Murray on hand as the intern, the greatest number of arcane nuggets of course belongs to him.   Unlike all the other characters on the show, by the way, I like Nigel-Murray's "trivia" (Cam's words), and in fact I think his points are far more important than trivia.  (Cam even acknowledges that Milton Hersey being a Quaker - given the Quaker interest in chocolate as an inducement away from alcohol - was somewhat interesting.  Nigel-Murray makes both points.)

Cam otherwise has a storyline about her daughter choosing a college based on her boyfriend, but more significant for Bones and Booth is what happens when Hodgins assembles everyone to tell them that Angela's pregnant.   There's a funny scene in which Cam, Bones, Sweets, and Nigel-Murray unsuccessfully attempt to feign but surprise, but -

Why wasn't Booth there at the table?

He's gone home to have "sex with Hannah" as Bones puts it.  Hannah has just returned from overseas, but even so, Booth's decision not to join his friends at Angela and Hodgin's announcement has a lot of signifcance, me thinks.

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