Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NCIS 8.7: "James Bond Movie Directed by Fellini"

A"James Bond movie directed by Fellini".  That's what DiNozzo says as he looks at his father - Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. (played by Robert Wagner) - on his way up to a high-stakes mission in a soiree, Ziva in sleek, elegant black on his arm, to smoke out the arms dealer on his way to acquiring an American nuke found in a plane that crashed years ago.

Fathers play important roles in the infracture of NCIS, in particular Gibbs', Ziva's, and DiNozzo's.  Anthony Sr is every bit as suave as his son, with as keen an eye for the ladies.   But he has extravagant tastes which, coupled with his penchant for bankruptcy, had made for difficult times for him and Tony.  Indeed, he manages to run up a huge bill on behalf of his NCIS mission in episode 8.7, but Gibbs, pleased with the happy ending, says it was well worth it (and Vance agrees).

There were some good tense moments near the end of the cocktails, as the Turkish arms dealer recognizes Ziva (she was accompanying Anthony Sr as his colleague, Sophia - close to Sophie, one of her other aliases) to the point of knowing her whole story - father in charge of Mossad, Ziva now an American operative (a probie, as Tony and McGee remind her, but happily in possession in this episode of her first American passport).   NCIS prevailed tonight, but the mention of Ziva's father sets the stage for next week's episode, which will follow up on what we saw at very end of the first episode this season.

Tonight story ended, though, with a great scene between Tony and his father in which they finally draw a little closer.   Gibbs has reconciled with his father, now Tony with his.   Next we'll see happens with Ziva and hers.   I have a feeling it won't go too smoothly....  Parent/child relationships are tough enough when they're not on separate continents, now working for separate governments.

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