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Friday, November 5, 2010

Bones 6.5: Shot and Pretty

"I'm shot, I'm pretty," Hannah tells Booth in the resumption of Bones with episode 6.5 tonight - after the World Series, and, here in New York, after greedy Cablevision and Fox finally settled their dispute which led to no Fox on our screens.   Regarding Hannah, what she tells Booth is true enough - her boss will now definitely keep her on the reportorial job in Washington given her looks plus affinity for bullets back home.

But the deeper truth of this scene is what happens when Bones enters the hospital room, with news that Hannah, who's intending on getting back on the job in the morning, has an "avulsion" fracture.   This could make Hannah not only pretty and shot but dead, because the tendon if unduly exercised could pull the fractured part of the bone way out into severing an artery.

Now this might well make some/many Bones fans happy, but Bones herself cannot be one of them, because she's after all inside the story, not watching it from the outside.   So she's happy to save Hannah's life, and so are Booth and Hannah, who both deeply appreciate that Bones has done this, and we've got almost one big happy family.

How do I feel about this?  Well, short of a menage a trois resolution,  I don't particularly like it, especially the additional bonding between Bones and Hannah that happens at the end of the episode.  I guess it makes sense on some level - Bones and Hanna both love Booth (though on very different levels of awareness) so they are already bonded.   But I'd be happier if they two were in open battle.

On a brighter note - and what gets the cake for the funniest scene tonight - we have a bronze Shakespeare who turns out to be one of those human statues.  There was an hilarious episode of Monk a few years back which featured a silvered dude standing outside of a bank (where there was a robbery), who maintained a steely silence.  The bronze on Bones does the same - but Sweets diagnoses his "dissociative disorder" - he can only converse in Shakespearean, literally.   And Sweets is then able to have a witty, useful, and satisfying interrogation of the bronze Bard.   "Brush up yer Shakespeare, start quoting him now..."

Good special effects tonight, too, with the murder victim being not even bones but an impression of bones.  And come to think of it, Bones is also able to use her knowledge of bones not just to solve a murder but save a life.   And if the life was Hannah's?   Well, there's that bone to pick, but it was still an episode that cut to the bone on many levels and, ok, I'll become one of those silent statues now.

Nah ... "Just declaim a few lines from Otella, and she'll think you're a hell of a fella ..."

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