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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Criminal Minds 6.21: The Tweeting Killer

Social or new new media played a more interesting and brutal role than usual in tonight's Criminal Minds 6.21, with a killer who not only hunts his victims online, but after one murder tweets his head off under his victim's name, and she lay dying from his knife wounds.  Fortunately for his ultimate dispatching by Rossi's bullets, his victim unknowingly took a picture of her killer on her phone.

In between, we have the first episode in which Seaver makes a real contribution since she was introduced earlier in the season.   She's different from the other BAU members, in that she is the only one to have been the victim of a psycho herself as a child.  Tonight she uses that knowledge to establish rapport with the killer, and distract him enough for Rossi to get him.  He had no choice but to kill the psycho, with his knife at the neck of his next would-be victim.   Rossi and Hotch praise Seaver for her good work.

But all's not quite well that ends well, at least not for Hotch tonight.  He's still tied up, in some way, with Emily's "death" which isn't really a death, having to lie now to Erin, his boss, about how he grappled with his own feelings about Emily's "death".   Feelings about what, since he almost certainly knows that she's not dead.   Feelings about lying now not only to his team but his boss?

This has certainly got to be one of the strangest gambits on Criminal Minds, which means strange indeed, since Criminal Minds is one strange but darkly appealing show.   We also learn at the end of the episode that Erin will be "away" for a while, which means we'll likely not get to see how she'll react if and when the truth comes out about Emily ... unless her going away is also somehow tied to the Emily deception.

The chess game of Criminal Minds continues ...

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