Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fringe 3.19 meets Inception, The Walking Dead, and Tron

Weelllll ... what a Fringe 3.19 tonight ... certainly original and surprising in plot, but highly derivative in its structure, or on the other hand paying homage to a fine recent movie, a top-notch current television series, and a classic movie which has come back with more stories recently.

The surprise is Bell, last seen and still in residence in Olivia's body, now a cartoon figure in Olivia's mind - or rather, the way that Fringe represents the contents of Olivia's mind is, mostly, through animated figures.   Walter and Peter discover this when they enter Olivia's mind in search of Olivia, which is necessary to get Bell to leave so Olivia can take charge of her body once again.  And when Walter and Peter find Bell, a cartoon, in Olivia's mind, they turn into virtual cartoon figures, too.

So, at this point, we have Inception (entering someone's mind) and Tron (the move from physical to virtual worlds - a Second Life right before our eyes.   How does The Walking Dead come in?  In this world of Olivia's mind, first some flesh-and-blood zombies (or maybe they're alive) and then some cartoon zombies who are 100% zombies chase our heroes.   Totally unnecessary plotwise, but, hey, I'm a fan of The Walking Dead, and the TV series is after all an adaptation of the comic book series.

On the subject of homages, Bell aka Leonard Nimoy also says "aye, aye, Captain" to Walter, in a sly reprise of Spock to Kirk.

Also worthy of note are the WTC Twin Towers.  Why would they be in Olivia's mind?  I thought at first that maybe the mind was Fauxlivia's, but an equally good explanation is Olivia recently saw the WTC when she was "over there".

As to plot: Bell apparently takes his final leave, but since he doesn't like goodbyes, anything is possible in the future.  In the more immediate up ahead, Olivia thinks someone will kill her ... but how she got knowledge of her own future is anyone's guess...

5-min podcast review of Fringe

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