Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Event 1.17: Target Martinez

Hey, I'm still enjoying The Event - and last night's episode 1.17 had some good punches.

Sophia's proceeding with her plans to clean the Earth of as many humans as she can, to make room for her extra-terrestrials.   The Event in this respect has now become even more like V - but dealing with these issues on a much higher level (Presidential).  Sophia realizes that she has to get rid of US President Martinez - literally.  He's now saying to his advisers that a state of war exists between humans and Sophia's people.

Her plan involves enlisting the Vice President.  He at first resists in a good realistic portrayal of what a VP might really do in such circumstances.  But before the episode is over, VP Jarvis is slipping some poison into the President's coffee.

Martinez also has a problem with his wife Christina.  Is she an alien?  Her paperwork - a file on her past - has some holes.  Martinez eventually confronts her.  And she reluctantly admits that she came from the Dominican Republic not Cuba.   Crisis averted?  Not quite.  We can see in her expression that she's still lying about something.  And Martinez is no dummy - he still knows that Christina did not agree to the DNA test, which has no bearing on whether she came from the Dominican or Cuba, but could reveal that her parents were not of this planet.

The forces against Sophia could use some help.  They pretty much boil down to Leila, and now Jason, recruited when Dempsey takes his own aged life, to demonstrate that he's really on the side of humanity.   Good to see The Event keep raising the ante as it hurtles towards the end of this season, and what may be the end of the series.

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