Monday, April 25, 2011

The Killing 1.5: Memorable Moments

As I've said before about The Killing, one of its best, heart-rending threads is the way it shows the impact of Rosie's murder on her family.  Last night's episode 1.5 was especially powerful in this regard, showing the impact on her younger brothers.   The younger one at one point says his parents no longer care about them - the understandable reaction of a child that young, trying to make sense of how deeply his parents are in trauma.  It was a rare, even unique, moment on television.

The father's reaction after seeing his daughter in the funeral home - stopping the car, going into the men's room at a gas station, so as not to let his wife see him break down - was also heart breaking and memorable.

Meanwhile, the police investigation continues, with attention now being paid to Rosie's teacher.  He's lying about all sorts of things - but to cover up a murder?   I'm thinking his lies are more likely due to his sleeping with Rosie or one of her friends than his killing her.

Sarah's relationship with her fiance continues to be strained.   He knows that she won't be able to be with him until this crime is solved.   But what will happen after that?   I'd hazard a guess that Sarah won't ever want to leave her police work - even if she did, long enough to get married, would her new husband be happy with her continuing this kind of work afterward?

The political part of the story is also developing well.  Turns out the labor leader was responsible for the plant in Richmond's organization.   I'm still thinking the killer resides there, also.   And it's his top female aide and bed partner ...

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