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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Killing 1.3: Early Suspects

The Killing continued with its 3rd episode on AMC last Sunday, gradually heightening the intensity on all fronts.   Among the highlights -
  • Linden of course is continuing on the case, and Rick is of course less than thrilled.  Although everything is still pretty good between them at this point, I for some reason can't seem them ever getting together.
  • Richmond has staff problems - in particular, a leak from one of his two key aides, Jamie, a guy.  Or so it seems - meaning, I believed Jamie when he protested his innocence.  I think Gwen, the other aide, is setting Jamie up.  And, so far, I think she is at this point the best bet for the murderer (to destroy Richmond's campaign).  Not much evidence of that, as yet, but I've got a feeling ...
  • Rosie's various friends and who knows how much more are developing into an interesting nest of vipers.  Jasper is looking like the bad guy at this point, but he's too obvious.  Rosie's best friend clearly knows more than she's saying, but, then again, so does just about everyone in this thoughtful series.
  • Rosie's father Stan continues to be the rock in his family.  I think Mitch - Rosie's mother - will soon join him in that role.
The Killing continues to proceed at its own pace - one which we've don't usually see on television, not to mention that it's a whole series devoted to one murder, which is unusual in and of itself.

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