Monday, April 25, 2011

Treme is Back!

Hey, Treme is back on HBO for its second round, with its patented, appealing mix of food and music.  Almost all the characters are back - including that guy in the Second Line dancing and leaning into the camera in the opening credits, who's actually not a character but a real person.  Yeah, they're all back, except for John Goodman's Creighton Bernette who "fell" off the ferry at the end of the last season, or 7 months ago.

So it's now 14 months after Katrina, and New Orleans is rebuilding, but not fast enough.  And the city seems more beset by crime than 7 months ago.  Indeed, it looks as if crime will be one of the major themes this year, with David Morse as tough but sympathetic police brass in a bigger role than last year.  He closes the episode leaning over a slain woman in the street, especially aggravated that a kid with a trumpet has to see it.

The music's as good as ever, beginning early on with Annie playing fiddle with the subdudes from New Orleans now in Connecticut.  She's soon back in New Orleans, eventually playing along side Sonny, but they're not (yet) back together romantically.   She's still with Davis, but Davis's true love is Janette, up in New York cooking up a storm but not enjoying it (hey, Anthony Bourdain the chef and writer co-wrote the story for tonight, so you know it's got to be teeming with inside info about cooking in the Big Apple).

New blood Jon Seda's in town, playing Nelson Hidalgo, an investor from Texas, and catching LaDonna's eye with his dancing.   Antoine is still in need of a "real" job, and waxing philosophic about his trombone (he laments that he'd have had much more "pussy" had he taken up with the trumpet instead - I wonder, though - after all, the trombone is longer).   And Albert is still fighting housing probems - being vacated from his digs when its rightful owner comes home.

Coming home - that's what everyone was hoping for last year.  Sometimes you gotta be careful about you wish for.  But I'm glad my wish that Treme get back on the screen came true ...

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