Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NCIS 8.21: Mask and Eye

A murder at the Pentagon starts off  NCIS 8.21, and serious as that is, it may be least significant in terms of longer range implications in tonight's episode.  But let's deal with that first.

Why would Navy Lieutenant Junior Lauren Ross happily say hello to Navy Petty Officer Eric Donner - the whole encounter was caught on security camera - only to be killed by him a few seconds later?  Answer:  Donner is not really Donner, but Navy Commander Nelson Tunney, who, it turns out, was wearing a lifelike Donner mask, and has a motive for the murder.   Far from being the easiest case Gibbs ever had, because it was all on camera, this one turns out to be a complex whodunit, with great lip-reading by Abby - of the security tape - to put the team on the track of realizing Donner was not Donner.

Masks ... DiNozzo gives a nice homage to the master of suspense, when he sees a mask of Alfred Hitchcock.   DiNozzo also needs to have a frank conversation with Gibbs, no masks, about Gibbs not being happy about DiNozzo in bed with E. J.   As I mentioned last week, there's no way that DiNozzo would let Gibbs run his personal life, much as DiNozzo is devoted to Gibbs professionally.  If E. J. and DiNozzo are to split, it will not be because of Gibbs - even though Gibbs may think he has that kind of control.  Which is to say, much as I admire Gibbs, I'm with DiNozzo on this.

The purveyor of the eye also sought to award it to DiNozzo last week.  Lots of speculation on the web about whose eye that is, fueled, in part, by Pauley Perrette's revelation on Twitter last week that the eye came from someone we know.

Tonight we learn, from what Ducky tells E. J., that the eye came from a male in his 30s, who had lasik surgery.  Let's assume this is true - that Ducky's not lying to E. J.   We also know the eye is blue.  And at the end of tonight's episode, we learn than that the eye opens up the door to the MTAC room, which confirms what Perrette said on Twitter.

So where does that leave us?  CIRay would be a possibility - we haven't seen him this week - except he has dark eyes (and, come to think of it, I don't know if CIA agents have clearance to MTAC).   I was thinking maybe Jenny - if someone took and preserved her eye a few years ago - but she obviously was not male   I think Mike has blue eyes, but he's way older than 30.

Ok - I'm stumped.  Which is good, that's just what I most enjoy in a mystery.

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