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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bones 6.18: The Wile E. Chupacabra

Another lighthearted Bones tonight - 6.18 - in which the abrasive host of a myth-debunking TV program is found dead, the apparent victim of a mythical creature, the chupacabra.

Unlike the Gormogon which received so much press in Bones a few years ago, the body of a chupacabra seemed to actually have been found in our off-television reality a few years ago, but, alas turned out to be only a disease-ridden coyote.  The team in Bones tonight is tasked with finding out who killed the TV host, if not the chup.

Lots of good scientific work goes into the effort, but Angela's astute analysis is once again the most responsible for finding the all-too humans culpable for the death and the chupacabra cover-up, motivated by all-too-human reasons.   Nigel-Murray also turns out to be all-too human, confessing tonight to Angela, Cam, and Bones about his fantasies about sleeping with them (ad seriatim, not all together).

As I said, a light episode, including the ending, which was probably the least significant verbal play between Bones and Booth we've seen at the end any episode this entire season, maybe the entire series.  I confess to missing the Gorgmogan, at least a little.

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