Monday, April 4, 2011

The Event 1.16: High-Placed Sleeper

The Event keeps tightening the vice, with another thread in tonight's episode 1.16 that is a little too close to today's real politics, at least for my tastes.

Simon, who has been outed as an alien sleeper, makes good his escape from the White House compound.  Someone on the inside, with a voice distorted to protect his or her identity (mostly from us), gives Simon precise navigational cues.  He uses these to elude Blake's best efforts and cameras.   The President orders that everyone having anything to do with the White House undergo a DNA-test to confirm their humanity.  One person refuses - the President's wife.

Uh oh - is the First Lady a sleeper?   The possibility is uncomfortably close to the suggestion that Obama may be Muslim.  It's become more than what we heard from that weak-witted woman at the McCain townhald in the 2008 campaign - remember that, and McCain's attempt to give a principled answer?  ("He's an Arab," the woman said to McCain about then-candidate Obama.  "No ma'am.  He's a good person.  He's family man."  Poor McCain - he defended Obama by insulting Arabs and Muslims by implication.)  And nowadays, even the likes of Donald Trump are joining McCain's questioner in expressing doubts about Obama's religion.

Anyway, back to the television show that is deliberately written as fiction, The Event has also come close to disposing of two more characters - Vicky and Simon, who are both on the verge of being murdered.   But I'm guessing/hoping that both survive - because I like them.

And remember in my review of last week's episode 1.15 when I said that I thought Dempsey may hold the key to the aliens' survival?  Well, I was almost right.  Tonight he tells Vicki that he holds the key to our survival!  

More in two weeks.

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