Tuesday, April 12, 2011

House 7.18: Thirteen Mysterious

We finally learn what happened to 13 tonight on House 7.18.   It's a doozy of a story, leading to her return to the show, and to another expression of House's humanity.

He picks her up as she's released from prison.  We learn that she's been locked up six months, but why?  House knows the legally indicated charges - mis-prescription of drugs - but there's obviously more, and he and we go on a journey of unraveling the mystery.

Its revelation - that she put her brother to death, at his request, to put him out of the pain of progressed Huntington's - is sad and satisfying as a motivation for her actions.   She laments to House that there's no one in her family to perform that service for her.

House takes this as an implicit plea for his help, though it's not clear if that's what 13 intended.  In previous House years, any such pleas, implicit or explicit, would have fallen on deaf ears.  Until this year, House cared only or mainly for himself.

He's still pretty selfish, but his love for Cuddy has humanized him, somewhat.  And so he tells 13 at the end that she can count on him to help her - "I'll kill you," he says to her - if that's what she wants.

It's just like House the series and House the man to show his humanity by agreeing to take someone's life in these circumstances.  But House is also a genius, and I'd like to see him do the impossible by coming up with a cure for 13's illness.

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