Friday, April 8, 2011

The Killing on AMC

Caught the first two hours of The Killing on AMC the other night.   The series has a lot going for it, including
  • a genuine whodunit, where we don't know who killed Rosie Larsen - in contrast to Criminal Minds, where we usually know the killer fairly early, but like Wire in the Blood from England and Wallander from Sweden - and The Killing is indeed an English-language adaptation of a very successful Danish series
  • Mireille Enos in the starring role of Sarah Linden - Enos did a great job on Big Love, and on also played memorable guest roles Numb3rs, Lie to Me, and Medium which I happened to see ... here, Enos is reminiscent of Olivia from Fringe, though at once grittier and more emotional ...
  • Michelle Forbes in a supporting role as Rosie's mother ... Forbes always puts in a winning, no-holds-barred performance
Rosie's father is good, too, and the reactions of the family, the various police, and the politician and his staff who (at this point) may or not be involved in some way in the murder are all believable, and more real - less contrived in their reactions - than you often get on television.   This is especially true of the family, and it's already clear that the search for Rosie Larson's killer on The Killing will be no search for Laura Palmer's killer on Twin Peaks, but instead will be an unvarnished, powerful look at a murder, its impact on the family, and on a police investigation comprised of detectives with talent but no ready answers.

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