Friday, April 22, 2011

Fringe 3.20: Countdown to Season 3 Finale: 1 of 3

First, let me mention that that guy with grey hair, in the coming attractions for next week's Fringe - on screen for a split second or two?  I've never seen him before, and think he'll therefore play some major role in the resolution of this season's story.

Meanwhile, about tonight's episode:
  • Walternate indicated at the beginning that he extracted half of Peter's DNA from Peter and Fauxlivia's baby - maybe Walternate can combine that with some of his own DNA to recreate enough of Peter's DNA, so that, even if Peter Bishop dies, he can be re-created.
  • Is Sam Weiss good (working on our side) or bad (working for Walternate)?  I think he's good, but have no evidence in support of this, just that I like mysterious people who can save the day working in bowling alleys.
  • Olivia so happy to be with Peter at the beginning of the episode was a nice, classic heroic way to start her and Peter's story tonight:  you ever notice in great epics how the worst things happen just when the protagonists are finally happy and at peace with their personal conflicts?
Season finales of this magnitude can sometimes entail the death of a major character.  If we are to believe Waternate, our very world could be the victim.  And then what?  Some or most or all of our major characters get over to the other side to continue the fight there?  This would be a highly original turn.  I wouldn't rule it out.  But I don't think it's going to happen.

What about the loss of a major character, then? Peter is the obvious choice - but as I indicated above, Walternate's possession of half of Peter's DNA (plus Walternate's own DNA) could well mean that our Peter in effect cannot be killed (unless that DNA is also destroyed).  I don't think Peter's going to die, in any case.   Who, then?  Sam's death would have the least impact on our characters, but is he an important enough character to really matter?  Broyles already died once on the other side - killing him again on our side would be too much.  That leaves Walter, Olivia, Astrid, and Nina.   All except Nina have doubles on the other side ... which means any one of them could be killed, with their character from the other side then coming over here and taking up the lost character's life ...

How about Walter's cow?  Does she have a double on the other side?

More next week ...

And coming this August ... my essay  The Return of 1950s Science Fiction in Fringe in this new anthology ...

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