Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NCIS 8.20: CIRay

A powerhouse relationship NCIS 8.20, with a dangling ending just for good measure, and both Ziva and DiNozzo's lovers revealed, who turn out to be connected and more.

First Ziva: we meet Ray, who comes to the headquarters.  He's CIA, which leads DiNozzo to dub Ray CIRay.   As the team investigates the case - which I'll get to in a minute - Ray reveals to Ziva that he (and the CIA) have been working the very same case, which gets Ziva to doubt his expressed love for her, and think he was using her to get inside info about our NCIS team.  Which he may well be.

At the same, we find out that DiNozzo's been in bed with E.J. Barrett, the NCIS special agent brought in by Leon (more about him, also a minute) maybe to replace Gibbs, or who knows for what reason.  Gibbs, understandably, doesn't trust her (by the way, she and CIRay know each other), and before the end of the episode, tells Barrett to stop sleeping with DiNozzo.   As loyal as DiNozzo is, it's not clear how he would take this if he knew about it.  Is Gibbs overstepping his authority, just a bit?

Leon is certainly provoking Gibbs, every chance Leon gets.  He eventually tells Gibbs and Barrett, when they've failed to solve the case, that he wanted to put them in competition as a way of goading each to work harder to get the killer.  Doesn't quite ring true.

Which brings us to the case - apparently some kind of psycho serial killer  is killing navy men in ports, and thereby getting the name of "port killer".   The episode ends not only with this killer not being caught, but ordering a drink for DiNozzo - seated at the bar with Ziva - with an eyeball in the drink.

A good, chillingly symbolic ending, telling us we better be keeping an eye out for this killer, for we'll be seeing a lot more of him (though, who knows, possibly a physically dexterous her) before this season is over.

5-min podcast review of NCIS

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