Friday, April 29, 2011

Fringe 3.21: Ben Franklin, Rimbaldi, and the Future

Well, Fringe 3.21 tonight had everything from Walter doing his best Ben Franklin to Olivia making like Sydney from Alias (with an ancient drawing of Olivia in play), and a promised surprise ending that wasn't about a person or place but a time.

The word about Fringe in its first year was that time travel would not be one of the themes explored.  That expectation was already broken with an excellent, personal time travel story last year - a  pretty much stand alone story- what I called Strangeness on a Train, episode 2.18, with Peter Weller.   But now time travel, to the future no less, has been woven into the central, war-between-the-realities narrative of Fringe, as Peter ends up 15 years into the future in our reality.  

We know this because he's near a September 11, 2001 memorial plaque in New York - this didn't happen on the other side, "over there" - and it's by a plaque dated September 11, 2021.  And there seems to be some horrendous new mass destruction going on in this future.  

How Peter got there is less interesting, I'd say, then the fact that he's now there.  But his journey entailed Walter flying a kite to attract electricity; Olivia making Sam work with her, at gun point; and Sam bowing out as Olivia, at Walter's coaxing, uses telekinesis (one of the original Fringe golden-age science fiction themes from the beginning) to open the doomsday device here on this side by shutting off the device on the other side on Liberty Island through the sheer power of her mind.

One of the great problems with time travel - in additional to the tantalizing, mind-numbing paradoxes - is how, if you've traveled to the future, can you communicate with people back in your own time.  At least when you travel to the past, you can leave a note - or an ad in a newspaper (as Isaac Asimov had his hero do in The End of Eternity, my favorite time travel novel).

And, to make Peter's situation even more interesting, he's not only in the future, he's in his future - that is, he seems to be 15 years older.

Will be fun to see what Peter - and the future versions of our other characters - do about this, and other crises that beset them, next week ...

And coming this August ... my essay  The Return of 1950s Science Fiction in Fringe in this new anthology ...

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