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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bones 6.17: The 8th Pair of Feet

A delightful Bones 6.17 tonight, in which Bones works with a Canadian forensic podiatrist - whose field and work she earlier dissed in an article - to investigate eight pairs of feet found on the Canadian-American border.

Seven of the pairs come from a body farm - in the apt words of Angela, about an odiferous sneaker found with the feet, "ugh!" - that is, a lab in the great outdoors, near some university, created to scientifically measure the decomposition rates of human bodies in various climatic states and positions.  They fall off nooses, fall apart, and in one case explode almost in Booth and Bones' faces -   "Uch!" - but Bones of course loves it.

The Canadian podiatrist - Dr. Filmer (coincidentally the name of a British sociology prof I had at CCNY a long time ago) serves as the de facto assistant to Bones this week, and he does a good job.  He not only helps solves the case, but has a winning delivery, and I wouldn't mind seeing him on the show as regular.

The other story tonight has Cam's daughter Michelle getting into Columbia University (a 100% university episode) even though she never applied.   How did she do this?  Cam sent in the application, unbeknownst to her daughter.   Oi!

But all ends well - with Cam confessing to Michelle, who says she'll take a year to work, and then apply to Columbia and get in on her own.  Hey, as long as she doesn't apply to that school with the body farm ....

5-min podcast review of Bones

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