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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Advice to President Obama: Join Occupy Wall Street

Some well-meaning advice to President Obama -

Come down to Wall Street, grab a bull horn, and tell the Occupy Wall Street people excersing their democratic rights that you're with them.   You have much more in common with students, workers, and people concerned about the abuses of Wall Street bankers and kindred millionaires than you do with that upper one-percent of the nation's earners.   You've said so already yourself, many times.

The rich and the Republicans who are their friends are not your friends.  You won't get their votes anyway.   You won in 2008 because you got a majority of votes of the 99% of Americans who are not fabulously wealthy, who do not make it difficult for so many to earn a living or support their families.

And when you come to New York, bring along a contingent of Secret Service, FBI, or whatever it takes to keep New York's out of control police at bay.  Did you see those white-shirted NYPD commanders clubbing protestors on the news today?  Is that the America you want?

You have a chance now to reclaim the momentum, to go with the tide of the future, not the past.  Go for it.   Go with the tide of direct democracy, not the regressive reins which have tied up our government for so long, and are starving our people of their future.

Occupy Wall Street Chronicles, Part 1

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