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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Into the Mind of a Conservative Bully

Here’s an insight into the mind of a conservative bully – or maybe a glimpse of an oft-used game plan favored by unprincipled conservatives in their debates, online and otherwise, with the progressives at hand.

A Facebook “friend” – not really a friend, not even online let alone in person – takes issue with one of my many comments decrying the out-of-control police attack on peaceful Occupy demonstrators out in Oakland, California.   They got just what they deserved, he says, appropriate for anyone who defies the authorities and breaks the law.

Interesting, I replied.  So how is it that the Mayor of Oakland – Jean Quan – issued this statement in the aftermath of the police vicious attack on the Occupy Oakland people:

October 27th, 9pm -- I am deeply saddened about the outcome on Tuesday. It was not what anyone hoped for, ultimately it was my responsibility, and I apologize for what happened. Today I visited Scott Olsen [brave former Marine who served in Iraq, shot in the head by the cops] and his parents because I was concerned about his recovery. And I hope we will keep them all in our prayers.
We have started an investigation into the use of force, including tear gas, on Tuesday. I cannot change the past, but I want to work with you to ensure that this remains peaceful moving forward.

And what was the response of my “friend”?

Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.   After two reminders and three days.

He’s disappeared from the argument, slunk back into the shadows from which he first emerged.

How many times have you seen this hit-and-run behavior, or been treated to it yourself?

A conservative makes a point that’s flagrantly wrong; someone calls him or her on it, and presents the facts; the conservative exits right, with no further word.

The modus operandi of the conservative bully, puncturing rational dialog, bringing down  a discussion, whenever possible.  It would almost be funny, if it weren’t so sad.  And it shows, if ever we needed a reason, that comments emanating from these partisans are probably best ignored.

Occupy Wall Street Chronicles, Part 1


sffan12 said...

Actually, you see those types of people every time you switch on Fox "News". (Note the quotes.)

Also, though it's a tad off-topic, have you heard about this?


Jeff said...

What does that have to do with being conservative, Paul? "Got what he deserved" isn't a conservative position. I know, I'm a conservative. And the sort of comment slinging and disappearing act you decry has been done numerous times by self-described liberals to me, on Facebook, so that hardly qualifies as a conservative trait, any more than it qualifies as a liberal trait. It's just one of those things people some people do.

Paul Levinson said...

Fair point, Jeff. And since you are both my friend and a principled conservative, you have nothing in common with the above hit-and-runner. But I will say that in my experience as a progressive libertarian, it's the conservatives who display this behavior.

sffan - that's a seriously dangerous development, and I'll write something more about it in the next few days.