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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NCIS 9.4: Turkey Vulture as Explained by DiNozzo

The funniest NCIS of the new season, with a great head smack for DiNozzo (he says admiring words about the technique of the suspect - Gibbs administers the smack and comments laconically "he's a serial killer"), a great line from DiNozzo about a sexy older landlady who wouldn't mind getting Gibbs in bed (she's a "turkey vulture," DiNozzo helpfully explains, "20 years past a cougar - still likes to hunt, but too old to take down the prey"), and like that.

And this is sprinkled into a good mystery, in which it turns out that the Navy Lt Commander under the team's protection - thought to be the killer's intended victim -  turns out to be the killer.  But before we learn this, Ziva gets in some good moments - her best so far this season - serving as his bodyguard.

But the heart of episode 9.4 concerns Abby, who starts off eager to donate a kidney, and ends up learning she's been adopted.  Gibbs provides comforting words and arm at the end of the story, assuring Abby that she's doesn't have to face this unsettling revelation alone - that she has a family to support her, i.e., the NCIS team.

So this now makes something like the third episode in a row in which Gibbs serves as the team's nurturer - last week it was McGee, the week before DiNozzo, who got Gibbs' good treatment.  As I said in reviews of those past two episodes, I like this side of Gibbs.  We've seen it before - certainly to Ducky, and Ziva - but is this a new Gibbs, more expansive in his sensitivity?  Well, yeah, maybe - but then there was that spirited head smack.

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