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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House 8.3: Dr. Adams and Thirteen

Hey, Dr. Adams - the best thing about House 8.1 in prison, and someone whom I hoped we'd see more of (played by Odette Yustman) - is back on House 8.3, coming to work for nothing in Princeton Plainsboro, in search of a job offer.   She did the right thing in House 8.1, backing House's diagnosis, but of course was sent packing by her narrow-minded, by-the-book superior.

And Thirteen's back, too.   Together with Dr. Park, the two manage to help House find a cure for a patient suffering from crazy altruism (that's his most salient symptom).  Foreman is of course against a lot of this, realizing he's been played, and it turns out Park and House are playing Adams, too.  With House and his assistants, it's never unlikely to find a round of mutual scamming.

But Thirteen's reappearance may be only temporary, as was Cameron's last year, though I hope that's not the case in this case, for Thirteen.  And Taub and Chase are in the wings.  Both were mentioned as being ready to rejoin or reconstitute the team, if only House can get the money.  Which we know he likely will, sooner or later, even if he didn't quite get the nut tonight out of the cured irrational altruist.

But House did a get good haircut, and he's looking good, as is the prognosis for a fine Season 8.

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