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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Person of Interest 1.5: Potentials

Person of Interest is really beginning to come into its own, and I'm beginning to really enjoy it.  In tonight's episode 1. 5 we find that -
  • Once again, Reese is fallible - that is, he's not a superhero who can always get the better of any number of bad guys whatever the fight.  A few episodes ago, he got knocked through a window or a door (he did pretty quickly recover).  Tonight he arrives just as a judge's son is being kidnapped, does his best to stop a team of cold killers, but gets stopped by a shot of something in the shoulder.  This makes him more appealing as a character - he's only human, albeit one knows how to shoot, punch, etc. with usually devastating impact.
  • Reese is grateful for the job Finch has given him.  He was none too happy about it at first, and he's gradually warmed up to it over the past few episodes.  I like evolutions of characters in a given season.
  • Reese and Finch may have an ally they can call upon in some future episode - Judge Samuel Gates (played by David Costabile, who had very memorable runs in both Breaking Bad and Damages).   Makes me hope that we indeed see more of the judge in Person of Interest.
About the only thread that I don't like much in this series is the local cop story.   Detective Fusco (played by Kevin Chapman, who was outstanding in Brotherhood) is a bore.   And Detective Carter (played by Taraji Henson) is alright.  But their stories don't really add much to the central Reese and Finch story, other than the constant danger that Reese and Finch, especially Reese, will be discovered and arrested.   But until this becomes a serious factor in the series, Carter's role is little more than a distraction from the main plot line.  I'd say the writers need to correct this, sooner not later.

But the overall theme of trying to stop murders before they happen remains compelling, and with Reese and Finch continuing to develop in unexpected ways, Person of Interest has a lot of potential.

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