Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Walking Dead 2.2: The Nature of Vet

A fine, intense as always, yet in parts endearing The Walking Dead 2.2 Sunday night, with most of the action centering around an old country doctor – actually a veterinarian, much to Lori’s distress – doing his utmost to save Rick and Lori’s son.

Carl was accidentally shot in last week’s episode, by a hunter on the other side of a beautiful buck Carl was wondrously approaching in the forest.  Lori hoped that when the doc said he was a “vet” he meant veteran, but no such luck.  She’s of course desperate that Carl pull through, and good manners towards the doc are the last thing on her mind.

Rick almost loses it, as does Lori, but they hold it together so the doc can work.  Rick’s blood type is the same as his son’s – a piece of luck – but Carl’s condition is still critical, and requires Shane to go off (with the hunter who shot Carl, who feels terrible about this, and volunteers) to find proper medical supplies.

Shane has one his best episodes in the whole series so far, not only thinking more clearly than Rick (understandable), but getting him to focus.  Shane’s foray with the hunter to get supplies runs into zombies.  No surprise, it’s getting dark, but Carl’s life hanging in the balance makes this encounter – not decided at the time the episode ends – all the more harrowing.

Meanwhile, back at the convoy, T-Dog’s developing a fierce infection from his wound, which he could die from, just as surely as from the zombies.  He appreciates this irony, and, fortunately gets antibiotics (part of Daryl’s stash) pretty much in the nick of time.  Antibiotics may be no good against the zombie-generating plague – nothing is, so far – but they can at least dispatch a bad old-fashioned infection.

So far this season, there seems to be a little more emphasis on the human than the zombie – though Andrea nearly narrowly escapes succumbing to one (she was deprived of her weapon last week, because she tried to end her life last season).  I’m liking this slightly more human tilt a lot, so far.

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