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Monday, October 3, 2011

Breaking Bad 4.12: King vs. King

A superb, intense Breaking Bad 4.12 last night, as each side makes its penultimate move, and fails.

Gus cleverly sets Jesse on a course to kill Water, by poisoning Jesse's girlfriend's son with ricin, the very poison that Walter was attempting to get Jesse to poison Gus with.  Jesse, understandably seeing red, comes to kill Walter, puts a gun to Walter's head, and only Walter's brilliant reasoning under this insane pressure - which makes him realize and tell Jesse that Gus was behind this - saves Walter's life.  One of the best moment-of-truth scenes ever on Breaking Bad, with the result that Jesse is now fully enlisted to kill Gus.

Walter has a pretty good plan, that hinges on getting Gus into his car, after Walter has had a chance to fix it up with bomb to be activated by Walter's phone.  But one thing we know about Gus is he's a survivor, and as smart as they come - actually that's two things - and at the very last minute Gus senses something is wrong and walks away from his car.  Another fine scene.

So the chess game has come down to the two kings facing off.   Walter now has Jesse and possibly in some way one or more members of his family on his side in this battle (and also Saul).  Gus has the cartel, which he now controls.

The resolution will come next week in the Season 4 finale.   I wish that guitar lick and the yellow smoke were on the screen right now.

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