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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NCIS 9.3: McGee's Grandmother

A fine all-in-the-family NCIS 9.3 tonight, with Lily Tomlin play McGee's grandmother, Penelope, a 1960s radical with ties to a Vietnam War era government think tank.

Penelope comes into play because tonight's victim, Navy lieutenant Booth, has McGee's card in his wallet (a card eight years old) plus he was talking on the phone to someone right before he was killed, someone whom we thought was his extra-marital lover.   But the someone turns out to have been Penelope, who had given Lt. Booth the only one of McGee's cards she happened to have handy.

Not only was the Booth the target, so is Penelope, because think tanks from way back then have secrets that those who started the think tanks might never want revealed.   The killer is caught, Penelope is saved, and along the way we get
  • a fine scene with Gibbs interrogating Penelope
  • followed by Gibbs letting McGee take over (that's what Gibbs actually wanted)
  • fine scenes with McGee and his grandmother
  • DiNozzo calling McGee "Tim" (when was the last time that happened?)
  • Ducky taking Penelope out to dinner (a handsome couple, McCallum and Tomlin)
  • and McGee calling his father, under Penelope's influence, for the first time in 8 years.
As I mentioned last week, this season of NCIS is providing some good personal touches among the major characters -  more of the team as family than ever - especially with Gibbs and DiNozzo (last week), and this week with both Gibbs and DiNozzo to McGee.   Good to see.

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