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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boardwalk Empire 2.2: Woman Behind the Throne

Fine Boardwalk Empire Sunday night, which had at least three winning stories going -

1. Nucky's office is searched by the Feds while he's detained.  Margaret comes to the rescue.  Feigning pregnancy, she comes bundled up to Nucky's office, asks to use the lady's room, and leaves with Nucky's ledger and money tucked in.   She gives these to Nucky at the end of episode, back in their home, and advises Nucky to burn the ledger lest it fall in Fed hands some time in the future.  Nucky agrees.  Talk about the woman saving the bacon and the day!

2. In New York, Jimmy gets a cool reception from Rothstein.  But Lucky and Lansky, along with Bugsy, are more game - and history tells us they are in the early phases of setting up their own legendary mob operation.  Great to see Michael Zegen (who played Damien on Rescue Me) as a suitably bugsy Bugsy, by the way.

3. Chalky's in jail, and suitably schools a cellmate who too takes much of an interest in Chalky's wife and dislikes Chalky's literacy in the bargain.  Chalky - played by Michael Kenneth Williams from The Wire - is one of my favorite characters on Boardwalk Empire.  Come to think of it, Williams' character one of my favorites on The Wire, too.

So the pot is boiling, the music's playing, and the booze is flowing as the second season of this great period drama moves along.

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