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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Good Wife 3.2: Periwigs and Skype

The Good Wife 3.2 was again delayed on CBS tonight due to a football game.   Wreaks havoc on DVRs, and this is the second week in a row, but the show, at least, was quite good.  Among the themes -
  • Alicia's defending an author against double libel charges - double, that is, because he's acquitted at the beginning of the show, in America, only to have charges filed against him in the UK, where libel charges are easier to sustain (hence the term "libel tourism").   We're treated to a delightful bi-national court, with Will talking about periwigs, and a British judge presiding over a hearing held in Lockhart Gardner offices in Chicago. Score another moment for Skype, Web Ex, or whatever.  (And Twitter was mentioned, too - a good night for New New Media.)
  • Eli seeks Kalinda's investigative aid to get information for a potential client - who turns out to be a Republican presidential candidate.  We don't learn his or her name.   But if Eli is willing to be hired by this candidate, he's probably not that bad a Republican.  Maybe Huntsman?  Meanwhile, good to see Eli and Kalinda working together.
  • Peter says he wants to hire Lockhart Gardner as his personal firm - but needs to examine their books, first.   Is this just to make sure they have no dirty money from having represented a drug dealer for his legal activities - as Peter says - or because Peter want to get dirt on the firm?  Alicia advises Diane not to go along with this, and Diane agrees ... but, in the last scene, she gets Will to promise that Alicia will be sent packing if any evidence arises that Alicia's been working against the firm.  I doubt that Will will go along with this even if such evidence does come to light (which it shouldn't, because I don't think Alicia's ever worked against the firm) ...
So it looks as if The Good Wife has some good stories in store for us.   But that little jaunt to the British courtroom got me in the mood to see more of Law and Order: UK, the second season of which I believe is now on BBC America.   Cherio!

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