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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NCIS 9.5: Behrooz's Mother

I first became aware of actress Shohreh Aghdashloo when I saw her on 24 for most of its 4th season a few years ago, playing Behrooz's mother, caught up in a major terrorist plot by her husband that endangered her son and put her on Jack Bauer's radar.  She gave such a powerful performance in that role, I've always thought of her since then as Behrooz's mother, including in a smaller stint last year on FlashFoward.

Tonight Shohreh Aghdashloo turns in another memorable performance as another mother caught up in a terrorist plot, in this case on NCIS 9.5 not only involving her husband of 30 years but one of her sons.  The stakes, it turns out, are high indeed, putting half of Norfolk Harbor at imminent, deadly risk.

Her performance also brings out a great hour from Cote de Pablo as Ziva, who, as we know, has deep and deadly family issues of her own.   DiNozzo manages to be the butt of significant humor, literally, with an apparent detergent stain on his pants giving CGIS (Coast Guard) Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal of Law & Order fame) a chance to rub his rear (of his pants, that is) in an attempt to remove the stain (that's the funny part) with no success, which then gives Abby the opportunity via chemical analysis to discover evidence of the terrorist plot (the significant part).

The team would like to see Gibbs and Borin get together romantically, but Gibbs is keeping his own counsel on this, and tells Ziva near the end that the team is his family.  Another tender moment from Gibbs at the end of an episode, which has become something of an endearing signature of NCIS this year.

Also worthy of note in this episode is the SecNav backing Gibbs not Leon in one call, and another scene near the end which hints at some kind of problem Secretary of the Navy Jarvis may be facing.  All of which more than hints of a continuingly interesting season of NCIS this year.

Hey, I'll be overseas next week - no, not as part of any world intrigue that I know of, but rather to give Keynote Addresses about Marshall McLuhan in Brussels and Copenhagen.  Depending on the availability of the current season of NCIS in Europe, it may be two weeks before I get a chance to see and put up a review of the next episode - which looks like a good one - but I'll see you then if not sooner.
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