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Friday, October 21, 2011

Obama Should Call in National Guard to Restrain NYPD in Occupy Wall Street

Consider the following -
  • Professor and author Cornel West was just hauled off in a police paddy wagon up in an Occupy Harlem protest - see photos
  • Professor and author Naomi Wolf was led off in hand cuffs earlier this week when she was walking on a street deemed off-limits - a public street - by the NYPD - see article
  • a woman seeking to close her Citibank account as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest was arrested - see video
Obama finally announced the end of the US occupation of Iraq today.  Now he should send some of our National Guard to New York City to restrain our out-of-control NYPD.  Clearly Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly either can't or don't want to restrain the NYPD.

Earlier this week, we also saw the inspiring lecture that former Marine Shamar Thomas delivered to the NYPD - "you're supposed to protect us, not attack us," he said.  Here's the video.  (He was not arrested - Bloomberg still has a clever sense of public relations - he doesn't want a video of the NYPD taking into custody a former Marine.  But professors and authors and other law-abiding citizens are apparently fair game to arrest on camera.)

It is becoming more clear, every day, that what we most in New York City need protection from is our own police.

(I taped an interview and talked about some of these issues Thursday (Oct 20) morning - part of a panel discussion broadcast on Good Day Street Talk, Fox-NY-Channel 5, Saturday, October 22, 6-6:30am - here's the video.)

-Paul Levinson, PhD
Professor of Communication and Media Studies
Fordham University

Occupy Wall Street Chronicles, Part 1


sffan12 said...

Here's hoping you don't get nicked the next time you're walking through the Big Apple. Seems to me the NYPD is signaling out anyone who so much as questions their methods when they're not making wholesale arrests of the "Occupiers".

Paul Levinson said...

Come and get me, coppers! :)

Robert K. Blechman said...

So are cell phones AND various social networks a necessary cause for Occupy Wall Street to exist?

Paul Levinson said...

Absolutely, see my Occupy Wall Street, Direct Democracy, Social Media: A Thumbnail History of Media and Politics Since Ancient Athens and New New Media - it's social networks in everyone's hands, all the time.