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Monday, October 10, 2011

House 8.2: Patient Lungs

Well, House is back in the hospital in House 8.2, in the most refreshing episode in a year, more or less.

Cuddy's gone - as we know (she's on The Good Wife, or Lisa Edelstein is) - and the only two major players that we know who are on the job in Princeton Plainsboro are Wilson, in his exact same job, and Foreman, who has replaced Cuddy as House's boss.  Nice, wise touch.

House's team consists of Dr. Chi Park, an intern who is about to leave for Chicago (ER or Chicago Hope?), because her former supervisor at Plainsboro grabbed her tush (House's word - she said "behind"), and she doesn't want the aggravation of bringing charges.   She's bright, and contributes as much to House's solution of the problem as most of his other assistants over the years.

The problem at hand is a sick pair of lungs that need to be cured so they can be transplanted into Wilson's patient who will shortly die without them.   Wilson unsurprisingly resists any overtures of friendship from House, and unsurprisingly reaches an accommodation with him by the end of the episode. (I've long considered the Wilson thread the weakest part of the series.)

But it's great to see House back - I missed the hospital and the total lack of familiar people in last week's prison debut - and his starting out anew, though of course done before on House, has almost an innocence in this show that was very appealing.

I'll be back next week for more.

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