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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Playboy Club Closes on NBC

Nervous NBC, never one to stay with a series that shows any signs of weakness, has canceled The Playboy Club after three episodes.

The series did have plenty of weaknesses -
  • no nudity - NBC, like all networks, still marches in lockstep to the FCC's unconstitutional restrictions -  The Playboy Club would have done better on a premium cable station, with no restrictions on dress or language
  • no great acting from most of the bunnies, who tended to rattle off their lines
  • a gay story that made no sense (unlike the way it was treated on Mad Men)
On the other hand, the music was appropriate and fabulous.  The third episode featured someone who sounded and looked like Leslie Gore singing "It's My Party" (probably the singer and the actress were two different people).  You don't see or hear Leslie too often these days.

And the political story - the lead male running for State Attorney, and having his sights on higher office - was pretty good.  As was the mobster story.

But the Parents Television Council - self-appointed guardians of our welfare - launched a campaign against the show.  And with ratings not the greatest to start with, advertisers were happy to leave the show, and NBC, as per usual, almost eager to admit to poor judgment in programming (not poor moral judgment, but mistaken programming because the show was floundering in the ratings).

And so it goes.   The course of true television programming never did run smooth.

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