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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dexter 6.4: Two Numbers and Two Killers Equals?

Two plus two equals Dexter 6.4 tonight - he discovers two numbers in the doomsday killer's corpses, and then realizes that he's likely dealing with two killers not one - but the deeper story is not mathematical or scientific, but the struggle in Dexter's mind between science and religion.

When Harrison's appendix ruptures and he's rushed into surgery, Dexter - under Sam's general influence - asks even God for help.  And Harrison pulls through like a "champ," according to the doctor, Dexter thanks God.  And although he denies to Sam any meaning in Dexter's use of the phrase, saying he's still a man of science, it's clear that Dexter's atheistic insistence is beginning to crack.

And good thing, too.   Professor Gellar - the "middle-aged professor," as Dexter calls him (thanks, Dex, makes me feel like a suspect) - is moving into high gear.  He claims a third victim - in faith, two plus can equal three - and Dexter's understanding of faith, not just the literal Old and New Testaments, but the workings of a sick mind that twists faith and uses it to kill, may be the best weapon Dexter has against the murderous pair.

Travis, the acolyte who looks like McGee from NCIS, is clearly a true, twisted believer.  He goes out with and sleeps with a brunette, and very much enjoys it.  But Gellar has other ideas, and make her the third victim (you could see this coming), and Travis not only goes along with this but enjoys the locust culmination of the ritual.

A fine season, in which Debra not only gets off a lot of great, fucking lines, but actually uses one in a press conference after Laguerta tells her to be "herself".  Laguerta's pleased with this gaff, everyone else is askance, but Captain Matthews gets lots of compliments about Debra's "telling it like it is," and tells her to keep up the "fucking" good work.

That's what I'm takin' about - Thom Yorke would have been proud.

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