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Friday, December 16, 2022

The Mosquito Coast 2.7: Sandpiper

An outstanding episode -- 2.7 -- of The Mosquito Coast up on Apple TV+ today, in all kinds of ways.

[Spoilers follow ... ]

First, it was great to see Ally roll out his Sandpiper program -- assuming he wasn't just going through the motions for Lee -- but I doubt that, he seemed really into it.  The project itself seems close to science fiction, but I'm no expert in new, top-secret apps.  What it's supposed to do is keep track of all police and police activities in a given area, so that a drug smuggler, for example, can be really efficient.  

And while on the subject of Ally -- this episode had best ending so far in this second season, with Ally looking through some old documents in Guillermo Bautista's backroom and finding a photo of the coast, entitled "La Costa de Los Mosquitos".  Well, we all know what that translates to.  And seeing it leads Ally, judging by the expression on his face,  to muse that whatever is in that photograph, or on that page, could provide a new solution to everything.

That's a pretty big order, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Dina were both in top form in this episode.  Charlie loves this place, and Dina is dying to get out there, as fast as she can.  I of course can understand where both are coming from, but, for some reason, I find Charlie's trajectory a little more intriguing.  It's almost as if he's melding and melting into his surroundings, gradually becoming both less and more civilized, in a Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness way.

Come to think of it, there's always been an element of Conrad in The Mosquito Coast, and it's good to see it coming to the surface in this way.

                            photo by Tina Vozick

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