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Friday, December 9, 2022

The Mosquito Coast 2.6: Close Calls

Lots of close calls on The Mosquito Coast 2.6 on Apple TV+ today.  Here are my three favorites:

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

1. Allie and Lee (I know, that's his last name) manage to walk out of that big event they derailed without killing anyone.  And that was because (a) Allie kept stopping Lee from doing that (and not by force, but by a prohibitive look) and (b) that kid did not identify them.  And that was a really nice lesson in good deeds being repaid:  Allie stopped Lee from killing the kid, so the kid didn't ID Allie.  Even more impressive, the kid didn't ID Lee, either.  Why not?  Did the kid think that ID would have resulted in Lee pulling out his gun, and who knows who might have been shot, including maybe the kid?  Hard to say.  But anyway, it was a redeeming scene.

2. Charlie points a gun at Richard and pulls the trigger -- but Richard isn't shot because the ammo has been removed -- by Charlie.  That's an amazing scene, too.  Charlie has really grown up between the first and this second season.  He now knows how to express his anger very effectively, without doing physical damage.

3. Margot under that log was a scene that made your skin crawl, in addition to Margot's.  The Mosquito Coast, especially this season, is very visceral.  You can feel the elements of the jungle on the screen, in your lungs.  The cooked goat and its head and those eyes was more of that, and also very effective.

I guess my least favorite part was back in the United States, and Raban trying to nab Allie and Margot.  Because we've seen that kind of scene and story countless times before.  But, ok, one trite thread in an otherwise brightly original tapestry of a narrative isn't too much to bear, at all.

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