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Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Mosquito Coast 2.5: Hitting the Fan

I thought The Mosquito Coast 2.5 on Apple TV+ was the best episode so far this season, and among the best in the overall series.

Here's why:

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

1. Dina's conversation with her mother Margot finally let it all hang out.  Dina now understands at last how and why she and her family wound up in this jungle.   She's also understandably furious, and in an epic scene tells her mother she wished Margot had slit her wrists, taken her life, as Margot admitted she had wanted to do and still thought about doing from time to time.  To Margot's credit, she didn't crumble under this massive and mostly justified attack.

2. Allie and William Lee working together was sight to see, beginning with their time in the car and the music that was playing, ending with their sabotage of Carter Albrecht's media presentation (good to see Reed Diamond in this role).  Allie stepping up and in front of the kid in the control room to save his life from Bill's bullet about to be fired was a prime moment, as was the very last moment of this episode, leaving both men in quandary: how to get out there, not get caught, as Bautista had commanded them not to do, on pain of losing everything that was dear to them, including Allie's family.  And just to raise the stakes of that final scene even more, Allie clearly not only wants to get out there, but do that without Bill killing anyone.

Indeed, that ending in itself was probably the best in the series.  I'll see you back here next week with my review of how it all turns out.

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