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Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Mosquito Coast 2.9: Dina's Story and Margot's Story

An excellent, next-to-last episode of this season of The Mosquito Coast -- 2.9 -- in which we see and learn all kinds of things about Dina and her mother Margot.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

Dina has quite a story, after she takes off in Adolfo's car. (Significant footnote: Adolfo later tells Allie, when he's questioning Adolfo about what happened to Dina, that Adolfo loves Dina.)  But Dina manages to stay in a fancy hotel, even have a room, enjoy the pool, and have an hilarious conversation with two latter-day Valley girls from the East Coast.  What all of this shows is that, however much Dina may want to get away from them, she's very much her parents' daughter.

And Margot has quite an adventure of her own, as the story of her and Richard twists and turns at least three times.  First, we think she's betraying Allie, in order to get her and her kids back to the safety and comfort of the U. S.  Next, we find out -- happily -- that's she's actually going to betray Richard, because she's still loyal to Allie, or at least thinks that he's her and the family's best ticket to safety.  (Romantic than I am, I still think she loves Allie -- that's why she asked him if he and she are over.  And note that he doesn't answer.)  But, finally, we find that Richard was on to her.  He escapes the trap, which means the U. S. government owes Margot nothing but anger about their wasted time.  And this in turn means that Margot and Allie and the family's only path to safety is the one they make -- the one being mostly made by Allie.

All of this is a great foundation for next week's season 2 finale.  No announcement yet from Apple TV+ about a season 3, but I'll 100% be watching and reviewing it if there is one.

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