Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Love 2 Episode 6: Just Lust

Margene continues to be emotional powerhouse in Season 2 of HBO's Big Love - played with sweet, innocent, but somehow savvy perfection by Ginnifer Goodwin.

Bill continues to pursue the Serbian waitress Ana (played well by Branka Katic). Margene, as we saw last week, knows about this. But far from being jealous, she's happy, even thrilled, that Bill might be thinking about a fourth wife. She's almost starting to fall in love with the waitress, too, as a sister-wife. Margene loves Bill so much that his attraction for the waitress imbues her not with jealousy but almost love for Bill's almost love interest. It's really an amazing dynamic - one which I don't recall ever seeing in a story - and it makes perfect sense, really, given the nature of Bill's family.

But Bill finds he doesn't really love Ana - it's lust, he says at the end, not the "Spirit" moving him. Margene is at first hurt by this - Bill's realization will deprive her of the sister-wife she was beginning to love. But, in the end, she begins to realize how even more special her and Bill's relationship is - not just just lust. Bill tells her this, and we can see in Margene/Ginnifer's eyes that she's just beginning to appreciate the depth of this.

I was getting to like Ana, too - but the ending of the relationship we saw last night was really more revealing and satisfying.

Otherwise, the rest of the episode was firing on all cylinders - Rhonda continuing on her warpath, Bill almost getting branded in that computer-game acquisition deal ... and branded not in the marketing sense.

This season has a pace somewhat different from last year, and I like it.

Next week - Bruce Dern returns!

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