Monday, July 2, 2007

John From Cincinnati: Episode Four ... Bringing Down the Hammer

Last night's John from Cincinnati on HBO - Episode 4, technically, Day 3 (Day 2 spanned two episodes) - was a fine, breakthrough show. By which I mean, for the first time, I really enjoyed the show a lot more than just because I enjoy writing about it. At this point, even if I wasn't writing about it, I'd keep watching it. You might say that John from Cincinnati brought down the hammer, and really got our attention - but more on that, later.

The key story last night was that John gets stabbed, is badly wounded, and left on the side of the road, maybe dead. He's discovered by Vietnam Joe. Now we know that John will survive - if he can bring others back from near death, surely he can do it for himself - but the way he does it is especially interesting and likely important. He has Joe put Joe's hand over John's heart, and this somehow draws some cosmic energy from Cass (who was recently boned by Mitch - I don't know if that's important, but I wanted to mention it), and John's on the road to recovery in Joe's jeep.

Meanwhile, Cass is suddenly much more than a pretty face - she's somehow part of John's world, even to the point that when John later tells her to "see God," she takes it much more in stride than did Kai, last week.

Speaking of which - Kai's in great form in this episode, too, explaining just what happened to her when John said "see God" to her last week. Rings and "hardware" in crucial parts of her body heated up - same as the implants in Butchie's head last week - so now we know of at least three amazing consequences of John's presence: (a) levitation (Mitch), healing (Shaun, Butchie's drug problem, John), and heating of metallic things in the body (I hope no one has fillings in their teeth)...

Word of the show: Well, "dumping out" was mentioned once again, and "boning" lots of times, but the new one was "hammer" - as in "bringing down the hammer" (in this context, see boning).

This has got to be one of the strangest, odd but oddly powerfully shows on television, with a pace and a story arc all its own...

And I'm really loving Joe Strummer's Johnny Appleseed under the opening credits - in fact that song, and the whole opening montage, may be the best TV opener since The Sopranos...

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