Wednesday, July 4, 2007

iPhone: Not Better iPod but New Species of Media

Steve Jobs said last January that the iPhone was "the best iPod ever," and now Rolling Stone, switched, and folks all over the Web are debating and assessing this point...

Which, I think, misses the point entirely.

Was television a better kind of radio? Was early word processing a better kind of typewriting? Was writing a better kind of speaking?

Of course - but those new media were much more - they were new media, which did things so far beyond their predecessors that they deserved and received a different name.

The "phone" in iPhone should signal that is a very different beast from the iPod. Sure, it plays MP3s and podcasts. But its telephone and web-play features make it an entirely different and unique kind of beast...

The Soft Edge by LevinsonA new species in the evolution of media...

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