Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Jersey Pageant Committee Supports Miss New Jersey

Bravo to the New Jersey Pageant Board for standing by Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo and the attempt by some goons to blackmail her about some "racy" Facebook photos.

The blackmail, in addition to being blackmail, was outrageous and ridiculous for a bunch of reasons. The photos aren't that racy - no nudity - just what you see everywhere on Facebook. College students having a little fun. And the Miss America Pageant, in which Ms. Polumbo will now be able to participate, is decided at least in part by how contestants look walking around in bathing suits - more revealing than what Ms. Palumbo was wearing in those pictures.

Pageant spokesman Mark Soifer said the Board not only supported Ms. Palumbo, but decried the self-appointed "Committee to Save Miss America" for its blackmail.

Good for New Jersey. Maybe America is finally beginning to grow up, and learning to resist the vigilantes who would dictate what we can see and hear in our media and our pageants.
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