Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Those Old Cell Phones...

I haven't done any surveys, but I'd bet cell phones are the most frequently replaced little technologies in our culture today. I know I get a new model every one or two years - more often than getting a new car, and, unlike the car, there's not much of a market for "pre-owned" cell phones. has stepped up with an option - a site that pays you for your old cell phone. Rather than putting your old phone in a drawer somewhere, with just a few old socks for company, you can sell it to CellForCash. You search on the manufacturer, put in a model number, and up pops the money offer. Hey, if you'd rather just donate your phone, you can do that, too. That surely also beats leaving your phone to the mothballs in your drawer.

The site itself is really fun, and easy to use. It has a ticker running at the bottom with cell phone models and the cash they can bring you. If you like the cash offer - hey, what's not to like, even a small amount of cash is better than none, and some of the models command $50 or $60 - CellForCash can send you a free postage-paid box for you to mail your phone to them and receive your cash in return. It's that easy to sell a cell phone to

They also have giveaway promotions on the site, referral fees if you recommend other people who want to sell their old cell phones, and all kinds of other goodies. I've never needed a reason to be on the verge of buying a brand new cell phone, but now that I know I can sell my old cell phone to CellForCash, I'll be unstoppable...

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