Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mouth-Watering iPhone Commercial and the Real World

There's a great commercial for iPhone - in which watching Pirates of the Caribbean leads to calling up a seafood restaurant to satisfy a craving for calamari...

I've loved seafood - calamari, clams, shrimp, mussels, lobster - for as long as I've been thinking about what the iPhone does - since the late 1970s....

And this mouth-watering commercial touches on one of the most profound impacts of the iPhone - it not only lets us go from the real world of cell phones into the virtual world of the Web (the revolutionary, obvious part) but from the virtual world of the Web (watching Pirates) to the real world of calling a restaurant.

That second kind of revolutionary move is not so obvious, and in some ways is even more revolutionary. With Skype, we can call a restaurant offline and make a reservation. But it is a program on a computer, and not as intrinsic and fundamental, and therefore not as reliable, as the cell phone function of the iPhone.

Realspace: Fate of Physical Presence in Digital Age - by Paul LevinsonSeamless communication between the real and virtual worlds, going both ways, is the key to the future of communication. We can send java script online, but a real cup of java can't be reduced to electrons just yet. Until it can, web browsers which easily place phone calls to real restaurants are the next best thing.

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