Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Love 2 Episode 7: Margene's Mama

Margene continues to the shining star of this year's Big Love, and last night didn't disappoint. Margene's mother, a real piece of work played by Bonnie Bedelia, pays an unexpected visit.

There was something especially hilarious and satirical about this - how many times have moms made unexpected visits in sit-coms, soap operas, and what have you since the 1950s. It was nice to see Big Love's unique take on this, since, of course, Margene's mom doesn't know about the polygamy.

Nikki played an especially interesting role in this. Disowned just a few weeks ago by her own mother - Roman's wife - Nikki is needy of mothering, and is glad to have her sister-wife's mother around. She sees Bill kissing Barb, gets drunk, makes a pass at Bill, and passes out. Ozzie and Harriet this show is not, and that's of course its charm.

Meanwhile, Bill's way of dealing with the hideous Hollis - setting Hollis and Roman on a collision courses - may not be the best move, after all. Bill's mother and brother and sister-in-law, after all, are still in residence on Roman's compound. (So was Barb for a while, don't ask.)

So, too, again, is Bill's father, played by Bruce Dern. He's frightening to just about everyone - though Bill's mother Lois takes no guff from him.

Hmmm ... would be interesting to see a confrontation of Hollis versus Roman, with Frank (Bill's father) tipping the balance ...

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